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Conférence du Professor Robert Young

Mardi 15 octobre, le Professeur Robert Young tiendra une conférence sur le thème : Bone Targeting Pro-drug Conjugates for treatment of Osteoporosis and Other Bone related Conditions

Mardi 15 octobre
Amphithéatre Pauling
Faculté de Pharmacie de Lille


Bone Targeting Pro-drug Conjugates for treatment of Osteoporosis and Other Bone related Conditions


Abstract: Safe and effective drugs to stimulate bone growth (anabolics) are needed to reverse bone loss in osteoporosis and to repair bone defects in many bone related diseases. We have shown that prostaglandin E2 stimulates rapid bone growth through interaction with the EP4 receptor and we designed potent and selective EP4 receptor agonists. Unfortunately, these agonists still have unwanted systemic side effects. To address these issues, bone-targeting conjugates of EP4 agonists that selectively bind to bones and release the active EP4 agonist in situ were designed. The synthesis of several such conjugates will be described as well as studies to demonstrate their selective biodistribution and efficacy in animal models of osteoporosis and bone repair.


Biography: Prof. Young trained as a chemist at the University of British Columbia (Ph.D. 1971), was a postdoc at the Imperial College (London) (1971-73) and University of Adelaide (1973-75) and was a Research Associate at the Institut de Chimie des Substances Naturelles (Gif-sur-Yvette, France) (1976-77). He joined Merck Frosst Laboratories in Montreal in 1977 and rose to be VP Medicinal Chemistry and acting site head at Merck Frosst and also site head at the MRL Terlings Park Neuroscience Centre in the UK. In 2006 he took early retirement and joined the Chemistry Department of Simon Fraser University as the Merck Frosst-BC Leadership Chair in Drug Discovery where he continues research into developing new drugs. In his career, Prof. Young developed 5 approved drugs including SingulairTM and ArcoxiaTM, founded 3 companies and was recognized with the ACS Heroes of Chemistry award, two Prix Galien, Fellow of the Royal Society of Canada and the Order of Canada.