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D.U. "Health Entrepreneurship program"


Thomas Morgenroth – Senior Lecturer – Faculty of pharmacy

Sabeena Kalla – Eurasanté

Key words


Entrepreneurship – Health – Valorization


- Develop your entrepreneurial spirit in the health industry sector ;

- Gain access to higher responsibilities thanks to new competences and skills ;

- Understand accelerating medical and scientific progress and the impact of major technological changes in the health sector.


1.    Business & management
Acquisition of theoretical knowledge focused on the management of a company, innovation and the specificities and constraints of the health sector and its sub-sectors (medical devices, e-health, biotech / pharmaceutical companies) in several themed modules.

• Financial analysis

• Strategy and business modelsof health companies

• Management of a health start-up com- pany / operational development

• Innovation law and industrial / intellec- tual property

• Marketing of health products
• Human resources management / Cor- porate Governance

• Entrepreneurial drive, spririt / leadership
• Trends and developments in the health entrepreneurial ecosystem.

2.    Market access

Adapted modules providing a better un- derstanding of the institutional framework and regulatory health in France and Europe, technical and medico-economic assessment me- thods in health care systems

• Biotechnology and health market macro-environment

• Health institution and regulation (ex : assessment and regulation of medical de- vices, GDPR, National Commission on Informatics and Liberty)

• Health economic evaluation.

3.    Health & Science

Acquisition of knowledge in order to ap- preciate the ability to use new tools from the medical and bio-medical sector.

• Development process of a medicine and a medical device

• Technological advancement in the health care industry (medical devices, artificial intelligence, drug discovery..., tools / ins- truments for precision medicine) • Clinical studies (real world data)

• Technological transfer (licensing)

• Industrial manufacturing (Target Product Profiles, market access)
• Translational and predictive medicine

4.    Networking

Meet with company directors and industry professionals to share their experience in launching their own start-up and the importance of having both a scientific and business culture.

5.    Professional practice

You will carry out a 60 hour (or more) professional pratice perod in a health industry company with the support of both an industry mentor and a peda- gogical tutor.
Participants will be able to better understand the business models of health companies, learn eve- ryday managerial tasks and put their theoretical knowledge into practice in a business environment.


Non incubated participants can be accompanied/ advised by the Eurasanté team (20 hours) on the eco- nomic feasibility and the potential of their own project, or that of joining another company project in the launching or developement stage.
Participants who would like to create their own start-up will be able to apply for the support of Eurasanté’s incubator and accelerator program.

10 & 11 December 2019, Marseille
The Health Entrepreneurship Masterclass aims at giving at- tendees the opportunity to participate at the international event BioFIT 2019.

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Organization and Validation

Organization :

October to mars 2019 – 132h of Courses – 1,5 day end of week sessions (Friday & Saturday) + Mutualize sessions with University of Lille diplomas – One masterclass session at the Biofit (Marseille : 10-11 December 2019) – 60 hours of Practical experience in a company

Validation : Oral Exam + Entrepreneurship Project team presentation

Participants profiles

- Project initiator, initiator supported by an incubator-accelerator
- Master’s students
- PhD students, post graduates
- Researchers, laboratory or unit research director
- Health care professionals
- C.E.O
- Employees in the health care industry, consulting and service companies

Academic Teams

Terence BEGHYN | University lecturer – School of Pharmacy of Lille
Nicolas BLANCHEMAIN| University lecturer – School of Pharmacy of Lille
Damien BOSC | University lecturer – School of Pharmacy of Lille
Guillaume CAITUCOLI | Legal practitioner – Eurasanté
Antoine COCHEZ | Associate lecturer – ILIS of Lille
Olivier COUPIER | Incubator/Accelerator Director – Eurasanté
Pascal DAO PHAN | Associate professor - School of Pharmacy of Lille – Head manager for clinical trials BAYER
Bertrand DÉCAUDIN | Professor – hospital pharmacist – Dean of the School of Pharmacy
Benoit DEMIL | Professor – IAE of Lille
Rebecca DEPREZ POULAIN | Professor – School of Pharmacy of Lille
Benoit DERVAUX | University lecturer – hospital (medical) practitioner – Coordinator of the innovation and medico-economic assessment committee in Lille University/Teaching Hospital
Benjamin GUINHOUYA | University lecturer – ILIS of Lille
Xavier LECOCQ | Professor – IAE of Lille
Thomas MORGENROTH | University lecturer – School of Pharmacy of Lille – Head of Health Entrepreneurship Program
Anne-Catherine PERROY | Professor – School of Pharmacy of Lille
Anne TAILLEUX | Professor – School of Pharmacy of Lille

Calendar and Place

Start date : October 2019

Campuses :
Eurasanté Bio incubator

Lille School of Pharmacy

Lille Medical School

Faculty of Engineering and Management of Health (ILIS)
Lille University Business School
Lille University of Science and Technology

Contacts - Registrations

Contacts :

Thomas Morgenroth – Senior Lecturer – Faculty of pharmacy

Sabeena Kalla – Eurasanté

Online application :get to the platform e-candidat
Be sure to specify your status on this folder

Adress :
Département Formation Pharmaceutique Continue
Faculté de Pharmacie de Lille
3, Rue du Professeur Laguesse - B.P. 83
59006 LILLE Cédex


-    €10,000

-    €7,000 without the personalised support module

En cas d’inscriptions en nombre insuffisant, le cycle de formation sera reporté à une année ultérieure.
Aucun remboursement n’est possible après le début des enseignements.

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